January 22, 2020

MyWegmansConnect — Official Wegmans® Employee Portal

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Wegmans is a chain of supermarkets in the USA. The company has been there for years and serving thousands of buyers every day. Wegmans employs over 50,000 staff to handle the day to day services offered by the chain of supermarkets owned by the corporation.

The cooperation has a fair system where those seeking employment can apply and secure jobs. As an employee at Wegmans, you are entitled to numerous benefits. Besides, you have full access to the information at the MyWegmansConnect employee portal. When there are changes in routines or relevant communications by the company, you can find the information on the MyWegmansConnect website.



Name: MyWegmansConnect

Description: Mywegmansconnect Portal is an online portal for Wegmans employees. Wegmans employees can access all the information related to their employment such as paystubs, company policies, benefits, direct deposit and more.


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MyWegmansConnect Summary

In the USA, chains of supermarkets are numerous. Wegmans is one of them and competing well among the giants in the market. Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. owns this chain of supermarkets. It was founded in 1916 and now dates to over a century. This means that the supermarket has had tremendous growth.

Currently, Wegmans has over 100 locations and employs around 50,000 staff to handle daily duties at Wegman so that you can get services well once you visit one of the outlets.

The corporation’s headquarters are located in Rochester, New York. This allows you to make physical visits in case you have questions about the portal or if you have additional concerns. As an employee, you are free to walk into their offices and submit your requests for consideration.

One of the advantages you will have as an employee at Wegmans is the ease of access to information. The company has the MyWegmansConnect employee portal where you sign up using your email, create a password to log in, and access information about the company and your employment.

By creating MyWegmansConnect, the company’s objective was to manage and give employees the information they need with ease. For instance, as an employee, you will get access to your payroll, benefits, essential dates, and much more information by the company. This keeps you updated and not waiting for communications via phone.

By creating the MyWegmansConnect employee portal, the company now finds it easy to handle the growing number of employees, and the employees are now getting information faster than it used to be.

Due to this organized culture by the company, it has consistently featured among the top-ranked by fortune as one of the best companies you can work for in the USA.


MyWegmansConnect Portal

This is an online portal for Wegmans employees. You can access all the information you need 24 hours a day all through the week.

Previously, MyWegmansConnect portal was branded, but security enhancement has seen some changes take effect. The page now redirects you to a login.microsoftonline.com sign-in page. Previously, you would log into the portal and get redirected through the URL https://wegmans.sharepoint.com.

Through this process, you will be able to access the employment details much fast. This has improved the communication between the employees and management.


Why use MyWegmansConnect?

Being an employee at Wegmans has always been a privilege as the company takes good care of its employees. By creating MyWegmansConnect, it offers an easy way of making communications to the employees without necessarily contacting them one by one. The company greatly benefits from the portal as the time required to share the information is reduced, therefore improving services at the different stores around the USA.

Servicing the over 50, 000 employees wouldn’t have been easy without the Mywegmansconnect.com. I will take you through the various features of this portal so that you can find it easy to use, especially if you are a new employee.

MyWegmansConnect Essential Features

The portal has been designed in such a way you can log in seamlessly and access all the information you want even faster and without worrying about your location. Some of the key features at this portal include;

1. Streamlined Management

By creating MyWegmansConnect, the company has had better management and correct decision making when it comes to employees. The company can check and find out how the employee is performing at their tasks and take further actions. The company can also assign a task to the employee through the portal.

If the employees are not offering their best to the business, then the company can know this through the portal and take the necessary actions.

As an employee, you will have firsthand information from the company. You will be able to access your details with ease and also communicate instantly to the company. This means that you will have full and better control of your details at the company.

2. 24 hours Access

All the data at Wegmans is stored in the online portal at MyWegmansConnect. You will get access to the information anytime you want. Even at odd hours, you can still confirm any details about the company. The only requirement you will need is a reliable internet connection and a device that can log in to the portal with ease.

The 24-hour access allows you to know about changes in shifts so that you can make the necessary plans for your next shift. This portal has also reduced the number of hours you can spend calling your manager for information since it is online and at your disposal anytime you need it.

3. Manage your Working Hours

With the online platform MyWegmansConnect, you can log in and find out the number of hours you work for the company. You can easily calculate and know if you are on track or off track. This helps you to adjust correctly so that you can put in more hours if your schedule is behind.

Being able to manage and key in your hours is excellent since you can access leave days by monitoring the number of hours you have worked. If the numbers are good, then getting the leave is just a click away.

MyWegmansConnect is great for saving your time and will impact a lot when it comes to calculating and measuring your outcome with the number of hours you put into work. Note that the management can access the hours and make significant decisions about your contract with the company.

4. Data Sharing

Data is vital for any company. It’s the basis of decision making. With the Wegmans, data from the employees help in making decisions at the company. As an employee, you will use the online portal to share essential data such as reports, email updates, as well as your schedules.

The company also collects your details from the portal and uses them when it’s necessary. The kind of data shared is also crucial since it can even earn you a promotion at work.

5. Paystubs

The company has a policy where it doesn’t offer pay stubs to employees. Therefore, all the details concerning your paystubs are found in MyWegmansConnect. This is where you will access and download your payslips and other statements. This means that through the portal, you will have a clear idea about the company payments and the kind of decisions made on your payslip.


6. Preferred Payment Options

There are different payment options available at MyWegmansConnect. You can choose to receive your payment directly from the company or get a check from the company. You can also select the time you want the payments to be made. The company has a lot of payment options you can choose from so that you make your working conditions even better.

How to use MyWegmansConnect?

If you are an employee at Wegmans, then this is a portal that you need to make your working conditions easy and better. The company has created the portal so that it can serve you better.

If you are not registered at MyWegmansConnect, or you are new on the online platform, then there are a few regulations you need so that you can have an ease of access to the information you require.

MyWegmansConnect Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be an employee at one of the chains across the USA
  • You need the employee email ID that you are given, or you create by self
  • You need a stable internet connection for smooth access to the portal
  • You also require an internet-enabled gadget such as a phone or laptop to access the site


How to log into MyWegmansConnect

  • Once you have your laptop connected to the internet click on MyWegmansConnect
  • It will redirect you to the Microsoft portal which manages the site
  • You will be asked for your email ID, which is given by the company, i.e., the @wegmans.com” should be present on the ID.
  • Enter your password and hit the login button
  • You will be directed to your account details


MyWegmansConnect for New Users

If you are a new employee at Wegmans, then you need an account so that you can access the required information and details of your employment. Follow these steps to register your account successfully.

  • Log in to the mywegmansconnect.com website
  • Click on the “can’t access account” option
  • Two options will pop up, i.e., Working/school account and Personal Account.
  • As an employee, choose the working/school account since the company employs you
  • Go ahead and create your user ID and Password. The directions are displayed on the screen in your portal after you selected your employment status
  • After that, log into your account using the details you have with you
  • You can now access all your information and manage your account
  • In case you have some trouble, you can get assistance from your managers or even other employees who already have the accounts set and in use.


How to reach my Wegmans connect desk

  • You can make a toll free call to the company headquarters via 1-800-934-6267
  •  Send mail to Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., 1500 Brooks Avenue, PO Box 30844, Rochester, NY 14603-0844.


  • You can manage your hours with ease
  • Access your payment details even faster
  • Get payment options you prefer
  • Account for hours easily
  • Ask for a leave
  • Access to the portal is 24 hours
  • Ease the process of login into the portal
  • Share reports easily


  • If you are new and creating the account by self, then it is challenging
  • Sometimes the site might be down for maintenance

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I am unable to sign into my MyWegmansConnect

Challenges of signing in to your portal are rare for employees. However, if you experience inconsistencies, try finding out if you are inputting the correct details, especially the password, which is case sensitive. Also, check your internet strength. If the problems persist, then you can reach out to the help desk for further assistance.

I am a new employee, where do I start on MyWegmansConnect?

If you are new at Wegmans, then you will be given your login details by the company. This makes your login to the portal even easier. In case you are not provided, then you can use the steps above to create your account user ID as well as the password.

How can I view my statements and wage slips on MyWegmansConnect?

Once you log into the MyWegmansConnect portal with your details, you can easily access this information from the site. Alternatively, use https://schedule.mywegmansconnect.com/wfm/EmpLoginFull that takes you directly to your payment information. You will need your login details as well.

How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

Go to the website at http://www.mywegmansconnect.com/ and click ‘can’t access your account”. Enter your user ID and provide the security capture required. Follow the instructions and get access to the new password. Always input something you can recall.



If you are an employee at Wegmans, then this is the portal you need to access all your details. The portal has numerous advantages that will make your life easier at your job place. The login process is easy, and a lot of assistance is in place to see you through. If you haven’t created an account, just access all the details for account creation and access to information at MyWegmansConnect.

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